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Application Questions
You must fill out all required acknowledgements and application questions before you will be able to submit an application for any position with Bossier Parish Schools.
Are you a United States citizen?

If you are not a US citizen, do you have the legal right to work in the United States?

Have you ever been employed by the Bossier Parish School Board?

If previously employed by the Bossier Parish School Board, please enter when and where:

Are you related to anyone currently employed by the Bossier Parish School Board?

If yes, please enter their name(s) and relationship(s):

Have you ever served in the military?

Dates Served:



Type of Discharge:

Are you currently serving in the military?

Name of person to notify in case of emergency:  

Emergency contact's phone number:  

Are you currently employed?

If Yes, what is your reason for leaving your current employer?

Are you currently employed by another school system in the State of Louisiana?

If Yes, for which school system are you currently working?

Are you a retiree of a Louisiana State Retirement System?

If Yes, from which system did you retire?

If Yes, what month and year did you retire?

Have you ever been investigated for, charged, or convicted of a felony?

If yes to the preceding question, please list the offense(s) and disposition of charges:

Have you ever been asked to resign, failed to be re-employed or been discharged from a position?

If Yes, please state why you are leaving that position and are applying for a position with the Bossier Parish School Board:

Do you have a high school diploma or GED?

What is the highest level of education you have completed?  

Have you had any Vocational School training?

If Yes, how long?

Please list vocational course(s) you have taken:

Did you complete your vocational school course(s)?

Have you attended a Trade or Business School?

If you have attended a Trade or Business School, please enter the name of the school:

You must fill out all required acknowledgements and application questions before you will be able to submit an application for any position with Bossier Parish Schools.
Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:3884 provides that a school board considering the employment application of a person who has been evaluated in another school system shall request such persons evaluation results as part of the application process and shall inform the applicant that his/her evaluation results will be requested. The applicant shall be given the opportunity to review any information received by the prospective employer as a result of such request and afforded the opportunity to provide any response or information the applicant deems appropriate. Please be advised, therefore, that the Bossier Parish School Board will request evaluation results on you from each of the school districts you have listed in your application. You will be given an opportunity to review the evaluation results received and to provide a response or information if you would like to do so. Any written response or information you might provide will be retained with your application.

Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:15 also requires all applicants for employment to be fingerprinted in order to assist in background checks of those individuals. Should it be determined that any applicant (or employee) has been convicted of one or more of the criminal offenses set forth in Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:587.1(C), then that applicant (or employee) is generally precluded from further employment with the school system. The conviction of other offenses that call into question the applicants fitness for the position may also preclude employment or continued employment.

Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:81.9 and 17:430 further requires a school board receiving an application to request that all current and prior school board employers of the applicant provide it with all information in their records relative to instances of sexual misconduct, neglect or abuse with/of minors or students committed by the applicant. This law further provides that the applicant must release all such employers from liability arising from the release of such information to the prospective employer.

Louisiana Revised Statutes 44:1 et al. provides that public records are subject to production to persons requesting such information, including members of the press. Accordingly, I understand that the fact that I am seeking employment with the Board and my application may become public knowledge.

Pursuant to the foregoing statutes, you must answer each of the following questions truthfully and completely. If your answer to any question is Yes, you must complete the explanation questions thereunder.

Any applicant who knowingly and willfully provides incomplete or false answers to any of the following questions shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars or imprisoned for not more than six months, or both.


1) Have you ever engaged in sexual misconduct with a minor or student?

2) Have you ever been investigated for having engaged in a sexual relationship with a minor or student?

3) Have you ever abused or neglected a minor or student?

4) Have you ever been investigated for having abused or neglected a minor or student?

5) Have you ever been charged or convicted of sexual misconduct, abuse or neglect of a minor or student?

For each of the questions above to which you answered Yes, you must answer the following seven (7) questions with information as to each affirmative response.

Providing Information for Question Number(s)


1) Nature of Allegation

2) Identity of Employer at the time

3) Approximate Date of Allegation

4) Identity of Person Making the Allegation

5) Identity of Person or Agency responsible for Investigation and contact information

6) Person(s) with most knowledge of investigation and contact information

7) Results of Investigation (termination of employment, arrest, plea, conviction, disposition of charges including explanation identifying the charge, jurisdiction and court involved, date of conviction or plea, and factual basis of charge(s))

If employed by the Board, I request that my home telephone number and home address to be treated as confidential and not disclosed to third parties, to the extent allowed by law.

I certify that the information which I have provided in the attached application is true and complete. I understand that furnishing false information or omitting information on this application could disqualify me from consideration for employment or could lead to my discharge from employment. I have read and agree to the above provisions and hereby authorize the Bossier Parish School Board to request, receive, and review my prior evaluations and information relative to sexual misconduct, abuse or neglect, if any, with minors or students from all of my current or previous school system employers. I further release the Bossier Parish School Board, its employees, agents and insurers and all current and former employers, their agents, employees and insurers from any liability connected with such disclosures and do hereby specifically authorize such employer(s) to release to the Bossier Parish School Board such information and documentation as may be requested in connection with my application for employment with it, including any information which may have been sealed or which I asked to be withheld. Any agreement which prohibited a current or former employer from releasing complete information in its possession relative to my conduct or performance is hereby revoked as to this application.

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