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Teacher Sped Secondary: Elm Grove Middle School

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Job Title Teacher Sped Secondary
Vacancy # 20-TE-05
Position # Mild/Moderate
# of Openings 1
Category Teacher
Employment Full-time (permanent)
Salary $44,002-$64,895
Calendar Days 180
Published Date 05/13/2019
Closing Date N/A 
Location Elm Grove Middle School
4301 Panther Drive
Bossier City, LA 71112
Experience See Job Requirements
Degrees / Certificates 08 Bachelor's Degree / 09 Master's Degree / 10 Master's + 30 / 11 Educational Specialist / 12 Doctorate
Contact Information:
Jennifer Armond
4301 Panther Drive
Bossier City, LA 71112

Tel: 318-759-2400 

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  1. Meet requirements as outlined in Louisiana Bulletin 746 (Louisiana Standards of State Certification of School Personnel)
  2. Additional criteria as the Board may establish
OVERVIEW OF POSITION: To provide students the opportunity to achieve academic success and workforce skills necessary to compete in a global economy
    1. Setting Instructional Outcomes
    • Specifies learner outcomes in clear, concise objectives
    • Includes activity/activities that develop(s) objectives
    • Identifies and plans for individual differences
    • Identifies materials, other than standard classroom materials, as needed for lesson
    • States method(s) of evaluation to measure learner outcomes
    • Establishes high expectations for learner outcomes
    • Follows state/local guidelines for planning and instruction and aligns lessons with locally designed curricula
    1. Managing Classroom Procedures
      • Organizes available space, materials, and/or equipment to facilitate learning
      • Promotes a positive learning climate
      • Manages routines and transitions in a timely manner
      • Utilizes resources effectively
      • Establishes high expectations for learner behavior
      • Employs monitoring techniques to facilitate learning
      • Disciplines consistently and uses acceptable methods
    1. Questioning, Discussion and Presentation
      • Employs technique(s) which develop(s) lesson objective(s)
      • Sequences lesson to promote learning
      • Presents accurate subject matter
      • Manages and/or adjusts time for activities planned
      • Presents content at a developmentally appropriate level
      • Utilizes effective questioning techniques
      • Utilizes effective discussion techniques
    2. Engaging Students in Learning
      • Accommodates individual differences
      • Paces lesson effectively
      • Selects teaching resource(s) that support lesson objective(s), including integration of technology
      • Stimulates and encourages higher order thinking at the appropriate development levels
      • Encourages student participation
      • Relates relevant examples, unexpected situations, or current events to the content
      • Utilizes effective grouping arrangements
    3. Using Assessment in Instruction
      • Monitors ongoing performance of students
      • Employs appropriate and effective assessment techniques
      • Provides timely feedback to students regarding their progress
      • Produces evidence of student academic growth under his/her instruction
      • Familiarizes students with assessment criteria
      • Encourages student self-assessment
      • Utilizes assessment data to guide instruction
      • Identifies areas of instruction that need strengthening and develops with mentor and/or principal a plan for improvement and works to complete the plan
      • Seeks and employs ideas and strategies from resources or colleagues that will improve teaching and learning
      • Participates in grade level and subject area curriculum planning and evaluation
      • Implements school improvement plan at the classroom level
      • Serves on task force(s) and/or committees
      • Provides clear and timely information to parents/caregivers and colleagues regarding classroom expectations, student progress, and ways they can assist learning
      • Encourages parents/caregivers to become active partners in their children’s education and to become involved in school and classroom
      • Seeks community involvement in instructional program
      • Exercises patience and self-control
      • Exhibits respect and concern for all students
      • Relates and interacts with students in a fair and positive manner
      • Promotes desire for independent student effort
      • Assists students in developing positive self-concepts and respect for others
      • Is prompt and dependable
      • Communicates effectively with students, staff, parents, and community
      • Develops an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and/or IFSP—special education teachers only
      • Assumes outside classroom duties as related to school
      • Assists in enforcing school/Board rules and policies
      • Ensures proper care of textbooks, teaching aids, and equipment
      • Participates in activities to improve professional competence
      • Supports school programs and displays positive attitude
      • Completes reports and records as assigned
      • Projects well-groomed appearance
      • Meets the criteria for a Professional Growth Plan as set forth by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) in Bulletin 130 – Regulations for the Evaluation and Assessment of School Personnel and the Bossier Parish Program of Professional Personnel Evaluation
      • Assumes additional responsibilities as the Principal may assign
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Nine (9) months
EVALUATION: Performance in this position will be evaluated annually.
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